Students Living On Main Campus

All students living on main campus are required to select one of the on campus plans. To select or change your meal plan (before the add/drop deadline), log on to the Trinity Housing Portal -

Meal Plans auto renew from fall to spring for students who purchased an On-Campus Meal Plan. Commuter Meal Plans are considered a one-time purchase and must be repurchased once you deplete the balance.

Bonus Bucks roll over from fall to spring and expires at the end of the spring semester. Meal points associated with plans expire at the end of each semester.
  • Flex Unlimited $2,777.15

    Flex Unlimited

    • Unlimited Meals per semester
    • $200 Bonus Bucks
    • Daily Meal Exchange
  • Flex 240 $2,446.99

    Flex 240

    • Daily Meal Exchange
    • $400 Bonus Bucks
    • 240 Board Meal Points
  • Flex 200 $2,277.04

    Flex 200

    • Daily Meal Exchange
    • $475 Bonus Bucks
    • 200 Board Meal Points
  • Flex JR/SR $2,194.23

    Flex JR/SR

    • $1,977.50 Bonus Bucks

Need help with your meal plan?

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Rachel Hernandez